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oil painting

well, unfinished...

oil sketch

some figure drawings

wall painting

I worked on wall paintings when I was in Japan. I didn't take pictures all of them, which I regret, but here are some of the pictures I have now.

acrylic on concrete wall for department store 'Parco' ,Tokyo, Japan
10ft x 6ft

acrylic on the concrete wall of Club Luvina in Hokkaido, Japan
8ft x 6ft


this is the old piece I painted when I was in Japan.
this piece consists of two half-clear FRP panels which are parallel with about 2 inches space between. I painted inside of the first panel. It's hard to tell from the picture, but lights coming through clear panels makes a nice effect.
I created a few pieces in this style, I keep only this now, others were sold or given away. this piece received Graphic Arts Honor Award at 12th Tokyo Urbanart Project.
mixed media 41.3in x 58.4in x2.4in